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Should I Use a Picture with My Resume? No, and Here's Why

Thursday, February 11, 2016 • • Careers

When putting together a resume, you have several factors to take into account. What fonts will you use? What information do you want at the top and how you will format all of your information to emphasize what you really want people to see? When making these decisions, perhaps you are asking yourself should I use a picture with my resume?

In this modern, multimedia age, it may be tempting to put something visual in there, to put a picture of yourself, or to otherwise make your resume more attractive to the eye with various decorations. Especially if your resume is stored online, it may seem all too easy to add that graphic, and after all other people are doing, right? That temptation is mistake.

According to a recent Time Magazine article, recruiters spend on average six seconds studying a resume - and they are not going to add to those six seconds by spending a second or two on an essentially irrelevant photo. Look at it this way. What kind of job do you want to have and how do you want to present yourself as qualified for that job?1

Recruiters should not care what you look like, and in fact it is illegal to make employment decisions based on your race, gender, and other physical characteristics. Unless you are applying for a job as model or other performer, where appearance matters, no reputable employer should be swayed. What is more, a truly reputable employer will want to see the content of your resume, the jobs you have had in the past, the skills you acquired there, and how you can use those skills to benefit their company. Your attempt to make your resume more attractive could ultimately wind up losing you exactly the kind of position you want most.

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