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Jobs for Those With Mental Illness: 4 Fast Facts to Success

Thursday, February 04, 2016 • • Careers

When it comes to finding jobs for those with mental illness, the main hurdle may lie in simply getting started. One of the most difficult parts of finding a great job when you are living with a mental disorder is recognizing how beneficial you really could be to potential employers. As someone with a mental disorder you know that your brain is wired differently. This can actually be a major perk when today's businesses need new, innovative employees with outside the box ideas.

Consider this - 78% of employers report that they have an overwhelmingly positive experience with employees with mental disorders, noting how well they fit in and compliment their existing staff. That is as high, if not higher, than that of the general population with 55,939 people being fired daily in the US alone. Knowing how vital you are to the work force can motivate you to find a career that makes waking up early worth it. These fast facts can help you find one that is right for you.

Doing What You Love
The Greeks had it right - "know thyself". It is the key to almost everything you will do in life and your job search is no exception. If you have a condition such as schizophrenia, it is even more imperative that you know yourself and your worth. As many doctors note, how very important work can be for your recovery and relapse prevention. What do you love to do? The answer may be simple. If you love what you do - mental illness or no mental illness - you will excel at the project at hand. For instance, if you love being outside, consider a job at a local park or farm. If you love books, start your search at your local library or book store chain.

Volunteering for Future Success
When you are not sure if you are quite ready to take the plunge to full time or part time employment volunteering can be an effective way to get your feet wet. Volunteering not only helps you to gain work experience but also make connections. There are many organizations right near you who would be grateful for your efforts. Research their missions, charities and organizations for more information.

Employment Support 
If you qualify, the government offers programs that can help you integrate seamlessly into a job you cannot wait to go to each day. According to the State of Vermont Department of Mental Health, Supported Employment allows you to receive job coaching for 90 days until you are ready to go it alone. You can also find outside help that lasts for whatever length you deem appropriate and that is more involved, catered to you and your needs. This can greatly increase your odds at not only getting in the workforce but staying at it.

Respecting Your Rhythm
As the old saying goes "Don't borrow trouble." Whatever sleep schedule works for you is the schedule you should keep. This is true for all people but especially those with existing medical conditions. Proper sleep is a vital component to leading a healthy life and helps you give your best each day both at work and to yourself.

As you journey to find the job that highlights all your best and many qualities, remember you have plenty to offer a potential employer. When you know your worth... companies will know it too. If you need a little help getting there, we would love to help. You have so much to offer the world around you.

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