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January 2016

Dr. Tre is Certified as a DISCâ„¢styles Communication Consultant (CDCC). Click here to read the letter.


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Welcome to the official site of TE Enterprises Consulting, LLC. TE Enterprises Consulting is a management consulting firm that specializes on individuals and business goals.  Our primary areas of concentration are Career Consulting, Public Speaking, Voice Overs, Financial Mangement and Business Consulting. 

We are a firm that continues to partner with those who are cutting-edge, forward-thinking, and open to new trends and phases in business and industry. So if you need career services, job training, corporate content trainer, a keynote speaker, a short commercial, new financial plan or assistance with your organizational development, we can help you. Call on us we are here to help and serve you.  

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Great to give and serve those who need help. 

TE Enterprises Consulting supports those who suffer with mental illness to recover, rebound and live life to the fullest. If you would like to support TE Enterprises Consulting, click on the button below.



For more information on speaking engagements for your organization, please contact or call 240-938-4667.



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